Our Office

Dr. Perry sees patients at his state of the art custom office located at 5800 Park Center Court, Suite C in Toledo, Ohio. Dr. Perry employs only professional, friendly staff to assist with patient care. His staff has been selected for their loyalty, hard work and attention to detail. Dr. Perry and his staff provide comprehensive ENT care with allergy testing and treatment, audiology with hearing testing and hearing aids, and in-office sinus CT scans.


Why Visit Us?


Dr. Perry and his staff did an excellent job. Every staff member was nice and helpful. I am very pleased with my results. I am even getting compliments on my nose from people who have no clue I had a surgery. This surgery really did help my self-esteem and increased my confidence. However, most of all I am very happy that now I can breathe better through my nose and I do not have anymore headaches, which were caused by me not being able to breathe right. Thank you very much.” -Tom F.


Dr. Perry and his staff were eager to answer all of my questions and set my mind at ease. I desired a more symmetrical, natural-looking nose and Dr. Perry helped me achieve my desired look. The change was subtle, but it really brightened up my other features. -Julie O.